This is a pedal board built in a sturdy flight-case for taking pedals around.

It includes a PSU for 10 pedals, with separate ground rails to avoid any hum/buzzing due to ground loops.

The pedalboard case

The case is made of 10mm laminated pine wood.

Aluminium bezels protect outside edges from damage, and make-up the closing mechanism. These bezels can be bought in shops that sell flight-case gear

The second (back) row is raised for easy access to the pedals fitted on it, and there is a free space on the left for large or bizarrely-shaped pedals.

Side view

Case side view

Ultra-clean power supply

The PSU is made using transformers with separate windings for each pedals, thus avoiding any ground loops.

Download   Schematics and PCB layouts for above (pdf)
2x9V PSU Layout

Dual 9V PSU

Layout for a 2x9V adjustable PSU for two pedals, using a double-winding 3.2VA transformer. Max. current is 120mA per output, which is enough for most standard analog pedals.

2x9V PSU Layout

Adjustable PSU

Layout for 12-15V adjustable PSU for exotic pedals.
Max. output current is 250mA.

Floorboard example setup

The rack also includes a PSU with separate power lines for each pedal in order to eliminate noise and hum induced by ground loops

My current setup is comprised mainly of pedals I built myself. Here is the list, from left to right, then top to bottom row:

  • PT-80 delay: a very nice analog-sounding DIY delay unit
  • Tremulus Lune tremolo: DIY optical tremolo with many adjustable settings, very smooth sound
  • Neovibe: a clone of the UniVibe designed for Jimi Hendrix. Great swirly swooshes, the vibrato mode is cool too
  • Wah: a custom wah circuit with FET-buffer and Fasel inductor inside a standard CryBaby case. Can be use as a volume pedal also.
  • Enveloppe Filter: a dynamics-sensitive auto-wah, perfect for funk and reggae. Range adjustable for guitar and bass.
  • Phase90: the famous 1-knob phaser box
  • Boss Chorus Ensemble CE-5: commercial chorus unit
  • TubeScreamer: great for overdriving a tube amp (DIY clone)
  • FuzzFace: custom hybrid Si-Ge circuit inside an original Dunlop reissue FuzzFace, which sounded crap but looked cool. Creamy vintage fuzz.

Case top

Case top view

Multiple PSU's

Multiple PSU's (8x9V, 1x15V)

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